Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tiny Thursday?

I finally took some time today and was able to finish off my midget applique block for the week. A couple days late but it is done. It has been a nice relaxing day (without kids) and the kids are going to be returned sometime in the next hour by grandma. I probably should have done something other than catching up on some recorded shows after bowling this morning... but that and some appliqué on this block felt very relaxing.

Before bowling I cut a few purple 2.5 inch squares and was able to mark these and put them together. I guess I should have cut a few more squares out.... I was done this by the second frame of the third game. Hmmm the contrast in the last two rows is different in the photo from real life. Must think on that one....

My trusty companions.... Maxie is zonked out and Sophie is upset I got up to get the camera. I'd better settle back down with her and finish off NCIS before the kids get home.


  1. Your little black eyed susan is so cute. The added embroidery really adds a lot to it. I love NCIS and NCIS LA. Love all the purple on your blog right now

  2. That is one unimpressed puddy-tat. It's always good to get a bit of stitching time. Speaking of which, I should get off the computer and head into the sewing room.

  3. Love that little midget flower is so cute. Sometimes just taking it easy is just what we need. And a little handwork helps ensure that we aren't wasting time while relaxing.

  4. Cute flower - very Spring-like! Let me know if you want some purple fabric - I have plenty that would work for 3.5" blocks.

  5. This is such a pretty little block! AS for what you should have been doing today ... I think you were doing it. Relaxing and recharging the batteries is important too!


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