Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny Tuesday....

This week is the Willow block. It is up against my herbs out front this morning.

I did the backstitching on it in the car line yesterday and worked on it a bit this morning while finishing watching Malificient (a little too scary for my kids yet I think). It got finished off while I was watching my recorded NCIS LA.  Emily is off to LegoLand with her class for the day and will be returned around 7PM. I know they arrived and her teacher sent me a picture of her with a huge smile on her face in front of the LegoLand entrance. Lets hope they don't get any rain to ruin their day today. We had some strong t-storms yesterday afternoon and they ruled it was a EF1 tornado that hit the development not very far from us. As Emily said yesterday - 'the trees are doing a crazy dance, Mom'. Yes they were and now we know why.

All is clear today and I'd better go do some weeding before I pick up the boy this afternoon.


  1. Teeney tiny willow-wow! Nice herbs--too early here to set any out--we are expecting a frost at the end of this week--AGAIN!! hugs, Julierose

  2. It looks so small next to your wonderful pots of herbs!

  3. So tiny ... and so cute. Hope Emily didn't get rained on.