Friday, April 24, 2015

A very late start on a quilt with a deadline....

I've been putting off the graduation quilt making process and Angela mentioned last week how few days there are until Graduation time..... Yikes. Time to get started.

I've had the medium blue and white fabric as requested. I picked the pattern - Hunters Star and have had the Deb Tucker Rulers for it for years. So what is stopping me? Trying something new I think. Too late - time to try it out as this quilt needs to get made.

I've checked out the Hunter Star tutorial a few times and have the instructions with the ruler. Time to get started.

This is the progress so far this morning. I have a slew of trapezoids sewn to each side of the diamonds. I just need to press and cut these and then add them to the triangle. I am doing the 8 inch block and figure on an 8x10 setting for a 64x80 size quilt. That should cover a twin size for college for Alex. It might get some might not! Depends on how it goes together and how close to mid June it is =)

I had to stop as I needed to bake off the sugar cookies for the spring fling this evening at school. Note to self - check to make sure it says parchment paper and not wax paper before you put it in the oven to bake! The six butterfly's will stay home to be gobbled up. I noticed it 3 minutes into the cooking time. I also did my 3 mile walk this morning and a little weeding out in the garden while the banana bread was baking in the oven. The peas are budding so they should start producing soon. The watermelon plants disappeared but so far the cucumbers are up and have not been eaten by the bunny yet. I need to drop off the recycling and pick up some gallon size ziplock bags to transport the cookies to school in.... then it will be time to pick up the kids. Maybe I can get back to my Hunter star blocks this afternoon...... I hope?


  1. I made a small hunter's star long ago. I love that pattern, didn't realize there is a ruler to help you now. I have been doing spring cleaning. File cabinet and desk were cleaned today besides the regular vacuuming and dusting I do on Fridays. Progress!!!! It's a good thing. Raining here again but Max and I did our walk first thing since we were warned!

  2. Good luck with your deadline. It is amazing how quickly quilts can get finished when they need to.

  3. I love the Hunters Star block and want to make it one of these days ... note to self: buy the rulers. ;-)

  4. I'm sure you will make your deadline and a wonderful quilt will result.

  5. I am working on a challenge quilt due in a week! Yikes better stop reading and go to work. Luckily I'm not there to eat your cookies, I'd eat all of them. LeeAnna