Monday, June 22, 2015


I've been thinking and looking at my green TATW block and I am just not happy with it. The colors on the end are just not working for me. I dug a bit over the weekend and found some more colors that will finish it off better. Based on the amounts I had is how the rounds were determined.... I got them cut out this morning and marked the biggest pile this morning while cooking a burger for Emily for lunch. Now to unpick from the white round out and then add these new squares on in the evenings this week.

Time for a little lunch for me (the kids already ate - hungry at 10:30 after an hour of weeding and mulching outside before it got too hot!) and then I plan to pull the batting out and cut the amount needed for the snails trail quilt. I made a backing for it last week and hope to get it pinned today. Fingers crossed for some quilting time tomorrow!


  1. Boy those fabrics really change the block don't they. I need to mark some more seam lines so I can stitch another side. But instead, I pulled out a block that needs some embroidery. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to my TATW

  2. youi're right- the block looks better now. funny how things like that won't let us rest, right?

  3. It's what pleases you most that matters. Is there ever a time when kids aren't hungry?

  4. Good for you to bite the bullet and remake the block so it's more pleasing to you. Nothing worse than a block or a quilt we don't like because we didn't want to take the time to make it right. ;-)


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