Monday, June 8, 2015


You know the feeling when you planned to work on something and once you go to do it...... it is not in your bag! That was me this morning at swim lessons. I planned to work on my midget appliqué block and I was sure I had popped it into my bag but..... 2 inch trip around the world and a ball of yarn and knitting needles were all that was in there. No appliqué. Bummer. As the kids had back to back swim lessons I got a few light blue squares added to the TATW block. I'll make sure to put the appliqué block into the bag for tomorrow.

On the way home we hit Sam's club - There was a carry lunch tote on sale and it was the last few days of the sale. I had a blue square bag that I have had forever and it is the perfect size to put three tervis cups of ice water and some snacks for the car pick up line, soccer practice and trips in the car.

Mine was too many years old (I remember using it back when I worked at BCBSVT in the mid 90's!) and had started to leak. We picked up a replacement... which was not the one I was thinking was on sale but for $14 I'm sure this one will last quite a while like my last one did. Can you tell Emily won the selection process? We also filled up the gas tank for $2.70 a gallon. Is it just me or has the price of gas come down nicely this summer?

The kids came home and had a picnic lunch on the living room floor while watching a show. After 1 hour in the pool they were tuckered out. They did set up a cash register, took the order and paid in play $ while I was a short order cook. Aidan - baked beans, watermelon and applesauce with a rice krispie treat for dessert. $5. Emily had a hot dog, watermelon and some baked beans - $1 since she took the orders and got a discount. Waters to drink were free! Crazy kids. I quickly made the pillowcase for the graduation quilt while they ate. Just need to pop it in the mail.

Emily is telling me it is time to go into the pool.


a good yarn said...

Your gas is cheap! Works out to about 90 cents a litre and we pay anything from $1.30 to $1.50 a litre.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Our car runs on diesel and it's nice to see that it's dropped, too. All too often over the last several years, if gas drops diesel always stayed high.

That was quite a discount for Emily for taking orders. Ha!

Hope you remember your applique block today! ;-)