Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday....Midget block

I got another midget block completed over the last two days. This is block # 15 - one of the flowers.

It got finished off last night while watching my Tampa Lightning loose game 4 of the Stanley cup playoffs. Jeanne will be happy her Blackhawks won to tie the series to 2 games each. They head back to Tampa for game 5 on Saturday night.

The kids are doing great at swim lessons and Aidan is oh so close to be back into stroke school. Hopefully next week he'll test in. Emily is doing great also and got a couple stickers yesterday to advance to 1,2,3 breathe! That is the last hurdle before endurance and entering stroke school. We'll see how far they get next week. I have a play date scheduled Friday with a friend of Aidan's this time. Emily had her's last week.

The boy scouts schedule outings in the summers for the boys and one of them is visiting the Kennedy Space Center over in Titusville and they scheduled it for the day of one of the launches! Hopefully the launch will go off and not get postponed. Another trip is to the planetarium for the night sky near Orlando and a science museum up in Gainesville. They also have a mini golf local and some movie nights scheduled as well. Between that and the library we should have some nice things to look forward to this summer.
I woke up in a cleaning mood (That does not happen very often at all!) so I am half done the kitchen (yes Mom I will even pull the things down from the top of the cabinets and wash all the dust off!). One bathroom is done -just need to clean the kids bathroom. Then dusting and clearing all the extra stuff out of the dining room and the house will be considered done for a bit. I vacuumed already and did the floors. Off to finish cleaning before the mood disappears =)

Oh - I had some banana's that were not eaten and starting to turn so I tried out this recipe for Crazy Banana Cake. It was oh so yummy! Give it a try.

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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a cute little block! I need to get myself into a cleaning mood. My sisters will be here at the end of the month, and they're not shy at pointing out my housekeeping deficiencies.