Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tiny Tuesday...

This week I finally pulled out block #12 on Monday afternoon and with some stitching during the hockey game last night and some stitching at swim practice.... I have a completed midget block.
Must find some white paper so I can print off the next few blocks. I need to have something to do during the two 30 minute swim lessons tomorrow and Thursday.


  1. Very pretty block. Can't have idle hands so I hope you get more blocks printed! LOL

  2. This one's pretty! Well, they all are :) I hope swimming lessons are going well. Next week my oldest is starting driving lessons - I'd rather be back at swimming lessons!

  3. I applaud you!!! Still plugging away on the midget blocks after I've LONG LONG since stashed mine away.
    It's been too long since I've been able to find time to visit; I've thoroughly enjoyed the past 20 minutes or so catching up on recent posts.
    Your perseverance might just be enough motivation to have me pull my tiny blocks out again---maybe.

  4. What a cute block! Hope you got more printed off.


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