Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Garden produce......

I survived the field trip. No stress as the group stayed together.. unlike LegoLand. It was a good time and they learned about the old Christmas traditions around the world and hand dipped some candles to take home. We got back to school a few minutes before release so I collected Aidan and took the kids home.

I popped out to the garden and there were lots of beans ready for picking. I cooked a few up on Sunday night but more where ready today. I have a huge pot full ready to cook for dinner. I also got some swiss chard picked. That bit of rosemary will go into the rosemary roasted potato, onion and pepper. I think that will all go well with the baked cod for dinner =)

Tomorrow I really need to go out and weed... and plant some more things. I think the lettuce will be ready next week, scallions/onions are happy and all four of the garlics have shoots up! I should try a beet and see how big those are - the tops are looking good so something is growing down there.

Girl Scout leader meeting tonight - cookie training! Yikes - next month we start taking orders. It will be  a busy January and February.


  1. So glad the field trip went well. It seems strange to hear you talk about your garden - we have snow covering the ground.Have fun at cookie training - that sounds like a good time! ~Jeanne

  2. You have a green thumb to go with your beans. Hand dipping candles sounds fun :)

  3. You have a green thumb to go with your beans. Hand dipping candles sounds fun :)

  4. It absolutely cracks me up to hear people 'heading to the garden' in DECEMBER!!!!!!!! (as I look out upon our whitened landscape)


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