Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tiny Tuesday...

Did you think I forgot? Just busy this morning running errands (two banks to deposit to for girl scouts), Walmart and then picked up my friend Deb for a Sam's Club run. Remind me to go alone next time... although Greg won't have to stand in the pantry with the door open saying 'there's no snack foods'. It will be easier to pack lunches as well - especially since Emily and I have a field trip tomorrow to The Barberville Pioneer Settlement. We were completely out of lunch snacks.... so the pantry is now stocked with fruit and veggie chews, animal cracker packets, cheese puff balls and granola bars. I also got some clementines.... so yummy, too bad my kids won't eat oranges.

I started this little shoe in the car line yesterday and finished it up last night while watching the Charlie Brown special ... well there is still a bow that should go on it but... I kinda like it plain so it may stay like this. Too bad the show was on so late -9PM on a school night so the kids were unable to watch.

The kids have done really good going to bed and getting up for school. No tantrums and no yelling at all (by me) ! It will be so nice to have Greg home again tonight though..... even if they go back to normal kid behavior. I've been bribing them with little car trips at night to see the Christmas lights =).
Better test out the new broom in the kitchen before heading out to pick up the kids from school. 

Oh - for those who love to read and have a kindle or nook I was on bookbub.com last night and loaded a bunch of new free books onto my kindle. You can customize to see what types of things you enjoy reading. Think I'll bring my kindle in the car with me today for car line.

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Julierose said...

Oh such a cute shoe--with the soles and everything..great work--looks finicky to do...hugs, Julierose