Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I had two little kids at the airport on Monday to meet me... with their Dad. It was a long night but... we got home in time to watch the SpaceX launch from the driveway.... in our jammies.  No coats... just pajamas!
Tuesday was Christmas at Grandma's house.... delayed from Sunday since I was gone. We did not head to the Hommasassa Springs  for the lights as it was raining over there.
The kids got bean bags and their own portable CD player with ear buds.... and a special CD their great uncle Jim cut just for them of him playing some of their favorite songs on the guitar.

We got the kids home and into bed by 7:24. It was a late night the day before. Today... I had promised cookie decorating. I made the dough yesterday morning and cooked it off today - in between coughing. By the time the extra two kids left I had a splitting headache, and was dehydrated so into bed for me for the next 4 hours.

I am supervising a bath of the girl now so decided to make my post. I did a little hand work last night while watching a movie with Greg. I got this one finished and the yellow put onto three of the previous blocks. Of course... I found another one under my computer this morning that needs the yellow. I really should count and see how many I have left to make.


The girl is wrapping up her bath so it will be reading time and I guess I should make some soup for my dinner. The crackers hit the spot so I should have something else. Hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I really need to asses and see what I have and if I need anything... other than groceries to host Christmas. That will be for tomorrow to deal with. I see wrapping (or supervising wrapping) in my future tonight.


scraphappy said...

Oh dear, sounds like you are having a time. I really hope that you are feeling better soon. It is no fun at all running around trying to finish up all the last minute things when you are not feeling well.

a good yarn said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon. It's no fun being sick at Christmas. The kidlets will have such wonderful memories of Christmas time.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Hope you are feeling better this AM. It is so hard to get rest this time of year when all is 'normal' and your life certainly hasn't been. You take care! Merry Christmas! ~Jeanne

Ellen said...

Wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hopefully you will be feeling well and everything gets done.