Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mid week check in....

I'm calling this one done! A basket from the 1857 album block collection. The grapes are huge but they fill up the space. Today... we have the AC guy coming for the first cleaning of the year this morning.  The kids have a half day of school. Once Emily finishes her homework... she and I are heading to Orlando and The Crayola Experience for a few hours this afternoon. Aidan has had a bit of an attitude with us so he is not going this time. He and Dad get to stay home.


I love to read your comments. Yahoo is currently having some issues with telling other servers to reject messages due to the third party server that sends the comments to e-mail. I'll try to respond to all messages but I may miss some as they are not all being sent to my e-mail. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.