Sunday, January 22, 2017

Slow Sunday....

I started the day making some banana chip muffins (recipe is on the recipe tab!) for breakfast. Aidan requested mini muffins for breakfast this morning. They were just tested and he said they were Amazing... then quickly changed it to 'terrible, I'll have to eat all of them!'. Three more very ripe bananas will be made into bread later this morning.

The kids are headed to Grandma's for the day. That should allow me to clean up the house a bit (well, it will last until they get home!). I plan to do a little machine quilting on my Quilters Scrapbook and then..... settle in this afternoon with some slow stitching on my 1857 Appliqué blocks. I really hope to get the basket block finished off today. I have some circles prepped somewhere for the grapes to add to the basket.

We took a walk with the kids last night while they rode their scooters. Yes, Aidan will have his helmet on in the future. We need to head out sooner than 6.... it was pretty dark when we got home around 6:40.

Linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching today. Head on over and see what great projects are being worked today.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your slow stitching. That block is looking quite pretty.

  2. I am the Gramma who had the grand kids over for the weekend and they have all gone home now so I can get to m y slow stitching. Your basket is looking lovely so far.

  3. Looks like great weather for a walk/scooter ride! Have fun stitching today! I live in Ontario Canada and we don't have any snow right now. This is very unusual for January! It was well above freezing here for the last week.

  4. Guess I'll have to make a batch here just to get a second opinion. Have fun stitching!