Monday, January 16, 2017


Sunday was a day of puttering in the sewing room. I dumped out the smallest bin of scraps and sorted them. I am now very afraid to dump the 3 huge bins.... it took so long to sort that little one! How did I fit that many scraps into one little bin?

I got my spring blossoms sewn together. I found 9 of these diamonds so decided to sew them all together.

I also cut and sewed a bunch more of the Thangles Series #4. I have 2 left to make... and one to fix. I don't know how I missed that I forgot to reverse one of the colors so will need to pick that one out and resew it. These finish at 8 inches... and I have no clue how they are going to go together. Either way it is going to be a very small quilt!

I also got my quilters scrapbook pressed, pinned and started quilting the blocks. That is a big quilt to pull through my little sewing machine area. I think I know why my back hurt last night!

I hope to add some time to the quilting on this each day this week. I have outlined 6 of the blocks so far but there is lots left to quilt.


  1. The best way to quilt a large quilt on a domestic machine is to do a little every day... it's a good workout and it's also exhausting!

  2. Isn't it amazing how those little scraps just seem to multiply?!! When I quilt a large quilt, I lift parts of it - I think the drag is the hardest part. I use a photography backdrop frame and bungee cords. It's really made a difference. Some people hang bungee cords from the ceiling. The other amazing thing I heard and it works is that when you have too much fabric under the machine where your right hand should be, just push the fabric forward and clear a spot for your hand. It is so much easier to quilt with your right hand flat. ~Jeanne

  3. oh yes I know that story. They must breathe in when released from the box.

  4. Oh those scraps multiply if left unattended. Three more bins? Yikes! Lovely blocks in progress and kudos to you to tackle such a big quilt.

  5. Nice blocks and quilt. I see you have a Designer 1. I love mine. I purchased the embroidery unit but only used it about 30 hours. Now I am selling it and all the digitized patterns since I never use it. Do you use yours?