Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm blaming Kathy....

She always manages to find all these quilt alongs. Since I am going to finish that other one this month.... I get to join in on this one by Moda!

I just downloaded the first block - Whirligig. I'll plan to sew my other sampler into a top (2 seams to go!) then I can start by making the first block!

This also got put together for me last night while I was was at a cookie booth last night! Ignore the messy room. Hopefully that will get loaded sometime in the next 3 days with it's first quilt. My 90x90 trip around the world since that is completely hand pieced so far... might as well hand quilt it too!


  1. Looks like a fun qal. I am tempted but I am really trying to have some self-control and finish up some quilts in progress!!

  2. It looks amazing and now I'm going to blame you... I hadn't even heard of the Moda program, but pulled out my scrap box to start cutting!

  3. LOL! I fully and completely accept all the blame!
    The more, the merrier :)


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