Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moda Blockhead Wednesday....

I caved. Well, I lasted into March before starting something new this year!

Kathy (I'm going to start calling her dangerous Kathy) posted a few weeks ago about this free new block a week that will be posted on Wednesday's by 6 different designers. It will run for 48 weeks and ..... I'm joining in. I really, really want to get my Grandmothers Choice quilt DONE first..... but since I got it to a top over the weekend, I did allow myself to sew up block #1. They released block #4 today... so it is not too late to start in.

I was originally thinking to do a blue quilt...... but instead I looked over at the stash wall and saw this bundle of fat quarters from Connecting Threads called SweetGrass Prairie.

I seem to have ordered it a few years ago 'just because'. It was pretty colors and fabrics and it has been waiting patiently to get used.... since 2012!

Wow... poor fabric has been so patient.  Well, I think they would look great in this sampler quilt so decision made and block #1 is done. It is called Whirligig and is so darn cute! The blocks will finish off at 6 inches so it will be a nice little quilt when done. I know, he needs pressing.
So... after picking up children from school... you will find me rolling the already ironed and pieced top and backing onto the boards. The batting will get cut off the roll and then I'll clear off the banquet table I sew on and grab the pins for pinning. The 'plan' is to wiggle stitch this guy tonight....and then make and attach the binding.
That gives me 2 nights to attach the binding to get a finish this month... then I can really start in with this new project =).

Oh, and the FB group for it is very dangerous seeing all the pretty blocks popping up. Must hurry and finish that quilt =)


Quilter Kathy said...

Yippee! I am the bad thing that happens to good quilters! LOL

Ellen said...

I am so tempted and I really want to join in but I am very committed to finish some quilts-in-progress. I will be watching and enjoying the process from a distance. ;)

a good yarn said...

I'm saving the patterns as I want to add these blocks to my 12 inch Civil War blocks. Your fabric range is so pretty - a great choice. That sampler is lovely.