Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday already?

I had a little time yesterday and visited Kathy's blog. It seems her monthly goal (again) is to finish her  Votes for Woman quilt from the Barbara Brackman quilt along a few years ago. I too, have one of those that is still not finished. I seem to have issued a challenge - I'll finish mine this month if she finishes hers! Silly me..... so I pulled it out.

I have it in three sections. I see why I stopped.... not all my blocks were the correct size and I need to fudge with a little added fabric on one section to get it to fit together. Hopefully I can do that at some point this week and get the three sections sewn together. Then..... find batting and backing and see if I can get it quilted.

Busy week this week (scouts monday night, soccer practice last night, cookie booth tonight, first soccer game Thursday night and our last cookie booth Friday night) but.... not much planned for next week other than working as the kids have the week off. Maybe, just maybe I can get this quilted and finished off in the next week? Wish me luck! Yes, the frame is still not together. I started it on Sunday night -and got stuck. I'll have to wait for free time on Saturday afternoon to try and figure out my issue.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Coping strips are your friends! Best of luck figuring that (and your frame) out.

Ellen said...

I remember this quilt along. I do seem to have a habit of joining in on the fun (and then falling behind) but I don't think this was one that I participated in. It is going to be wonderful when done!

Quilter Kathy said...

You're on my friend!
This might just be the motivation I needed!

a good yarn said...

It's a lovely quilt!