Sunday, April 2, 2017


It has been a busy weekend so far....... but no sewing or quilting has happened yet. That should change today I hope. The kids are on their way to Grandma's and that leaves me with a quiet house for a little bit.

Yesterday - the kitchen got cleaned up and mopped (much needed on that one). Then Emily's room got taped for painting... why does that take longer than you think? Dad and Emily did the painting - a lilac color was her choice for her room. Very pretty and little girlie.
Then it was weeding to find the plants in the garden. Summer has hit in Florida and we hit 90 degrees yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness we have not been hit with the humidity yet - that will be all too soon. Some green beans were picked. All rows were hand weeded around and I found the swiss chard and radishes. The cucumbers decided they did not like the new spot..... so I'll try watermelon seeds  and yellow squash in there. Will try pumpkins too in mid June to see if we can get them to grow down here.  The zucchini are not looking too happy so I think I need to change the watering schedule to daily instead of every other day. Hopefully we get rain soon - it is very dry and there is a no burn warning out. Still need to weed by the peas and the scallions and corn but lots of progress was made. That wiped me out and other than watching kids play in the pool I did nothing last night.
After some weeding yesterday.

Today - It will be picking up a  bit and cleaning the house before I tackle picking up the sewing room. I think I am avoiding going in there since it is such a mess. Must pick up and clean a bit so I feel like going in there to sew. Anyone else have this happen? Ok, this is the mess that is in there now...

Messy sewing area - please don't judge me!
hopefully it looks better when I am done. I really need to organize it up a bit and convince hubby to make me a new ironing space (on the left side wall I think) with some storage space underneath. I am thinking at least 16 inches across and 45 inches know so a standard yard of fabric will fit for ironing and those 12 inch blocks for pressing without issues like the normal size ironing board.....

At some point - I will plan to watch a movie this afternoon and get some nice relaxing hand stitching in on my Trip around the world quilt. I was able to make my first roll of the quilt on my hand quilting frame on Friday night. I just need to baste the side edges and then I think I can work on another 4-5 rows of my squares in green, yellow and maroon. That will be my slow stitching for the day. This was before the turn.. I love the texture the quilting is adding on this quilt.

I did get a little Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing in this week to make 2 more 16 patch blocks in red - to go with the maroon from earlier this month and teal and purple.

I also have the parts made for 3 more friendship stars to go with the 9 I made earlier.

Angela picked multicolored for the month of April. I might find some multicolored parts and pieces while picking up the sewing room today that will become 'something'.... maybe a small crazy quilt?

Linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching and the RSC Saturday link up. Now to go play with some fabric.


  1. Sounds like a nice day to me, Emily's room colour is so pretty, and I like the look of your Trip Around the World quilt. Still not sure what I'm going to do for a multi-coloured month, I'll have to have a look at my scraps.

  2. Emily's room, the garden, and soon... your sewing room!! DH bought a Big Board for me when they first came out. I bought a set of cubbies that fit well. That storage space was a BIG bonus!!

  3. I can see why your room is so messy - I can see the remnants of an awesome quilter in there. When I have the muse to make, the last thing I want to do is to stop and clean.

  4. Hey... you can still see the floor in there, so it's not too messy!
    So exciting that you already turned your quilt!

  5. So much accomplished over the weekend. Good luck with keeping the sewing room tidy. Just say you're auditioning fabrics looking for just the right one. After you've selected the right fabric the rest can retire, but not till the auditioning is over.

  6. Hi Deb my sewing area often looks just like your when I'm in that crazy creative mood and often when I just don't find time to clean up LOL All your little blocks look lovely so you ahve been creative not just gardening and painting, she is one lucky wee girl how thrilled she must have been when she came home to that lovely room. Cheers Glenda

  7. I think you could describe your sewing room as in a state of creative chaos and like all great artists you know where to find what you need, when you need it!

  8. Such a nice big garden and it looks wonderful after all of your work. The sewing room? Well....LOL yes you can 'weed' that next :)

  9. The sewing studio looks just as bad as mine often does. I am the same way though... I avoid sewing when it's a mess. Once I've cleaned and straightened and organized, it's much better and I am ready to sew. Don't wait for hubby to make you an ironing station. Go buy a pre-cut 2'x4' pre-finished board at Menards/Lowes/etc., add 2 layers of scrap cotton batting sewn together, add a layer of silver heat resistant fabric (joann's), and a layer of your favorite fun cotton fabric. Wrap it all around to the back side and staple with a heavy duty stapler. When mine gets dirty or something spilled, I pull out the cotton staple layer and wash, then put it back on. Mine sits on a cabinet, but I'm sure you could find a couple pieces at Ikea or Shopko to hold it up and provide storage.

  10. You had a very busy weekend!!! Sometimes (a lot of times) my quilting space looks like it up and exploded. I feel ya. I know when it's time to put it back together when I can't go in there and create anymore. LOL! Love the lilac color your girl chose for her room -- very pretty!! :)