Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday Moda Blockhead day...

Block number 8 was released today. So far.... I have made three of the blocks. Week 1 - Whirligig is the blue and brown one. Week 6 is Sunflower - pink with blue and then week 4 is the Bee skeep.

The bees skeep  was done yesterday at the orthodontist office while waiting as Emily got her braces on. She is not happy now... her mouth hurts. Hopefully the tylenol is helping while she is at school today. This photo was yesterday afternoon relaxing on the couch with a movie.

I think the garden needs a good weeding again - and this afternoon is the designated time since the humidity should be arriving back in Florida in the next few days. Time to do it before that hits.... I can't deal well with the humidity. I did have my dinner from the garden yesterday - peas and swiss chard =) Looks like the next 4 rows of beans should be ready to pick this weekend too.


Quilter Kathy said...

Poor Emily... I know exactly how that feels!
Tell her it will get better... and ice cream helps a lot!
Great job on the Blockheads!

a good yarn said...

Those blocks are darn cute. I feel for Emily. At least she'll have nice straight teeth at the end.