Friday, April 21, 2017

Moda Blockheads....

My reward for getting the cats and mice into a top from the last post..... was to make another block from the Moda Blockheads. There have been 7 blocks released - they release one each Wednesday from 6 different designers. I made block 6 this week to go with the 1st one I had made. This is the completed block. I just drew a circle onto the top of the fabric in the middle and hand appliqued it down before the soccer game last night.

It would have been done sooner in the day.... but this happened when I was quickly sewing it together before picking up the kids from school. The seam ripper was called to duty to help fix the mistake. At least it measures the correct 6.5 inches! 


  1. I'm loving these fun to look forward to the new block each week. Yours turned out great (after the seam ripper assist!)

  2. Oops! All fixed now. Did you see the last block that has 58 pieces.