Saturday, July 1, 2017


I am sew excited blue is finally here. Slightly bummed.... as I will be away from a sewing machine for 2 of those weeks but.... I think I have a solution.

I printed off this cute free basket from sentimental stitches a few years ago. It would finish at 4.5 inches so I made it a little bigger (120% scaling) and it should make a nice 5.5 inch square with a blue basket in it. I am thinking I have at least 31 blue fabrics in my stash and scrap bins.
so one per day this month should give me a nice little stack of baskets in blue.

While I have those scraps out I'll cut my 4 inch squares for the blossom blocks, the 2.5 and 1.5 inch squares for the bow ties and then we will see if I have time to make some of the friendship stars in the next 2 weeks before I fly up to Vermont.

What are your plans for blue this month? Head on over to the RSC Challenge and see what blue plans are happening this month.

Happy Canada Day to those up north! I used to live about 20 minutes from Canada before I moved south to Florida. I really miss the CBC news... where they reported news and things that were happening around the world.

We took a little holiday to the beach for a few days last week. Some pics for my Mom of the kids =)

Aidan at Mambo's for lunch Sunday.

My view from the balcony

A little volleyball.

Crabbing on the beach

My sunrise on Monday

Kids on the beach Monday

Family walk Tuesday before we headed home

I think someone was tired on the ride home Tuesday!


  1. Fun beach vacation pictures! I like your idea for the blue baskets, and also a great idea for a take along project!

  2. love the tired photo at the end!

  3. What a fun family trip. Sounds like you have. Perfect plan for blue. Having some adorable baskets prepped will make the time away from your machine so much more productive

  4. You are a great planner, and those baskets seem like the perfect take-along project! What a fun, memory-making trip to the beach! Looks like you had a lot of great family time. ❤️👍

  5. Good planning for your trip with those baskets. Have a wonderful time in Vermont, Enjoy every minute.

  6. Thank you! Happy Independence Day to you also! That basket design is so pretty, I think you will have a fun month. :D

  7. Looking forward to seeing your blue baskets. Looks like you had a fun time at the beach. Have a wonderful trip to Vermont! ~Jeanne

  8. Your blue baskets will be just the ticket for RSC this month. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Vermont. I believe they make a ham that is the envy of the rest of the country.

  9. Looks like you've got July planned out beautifully.