Saturday, July 22, 2017

RSC Baskets vacationing in Vermont

I have made 4 baskets this week - only 3 pictured as the 4th got finished off after I took the photo!  I forgot my neck light and the lighting is not the greatest here at camp. Of course... if I would get off the computer and stitch instead of playing Gardenscapes or cookie jam I would have plenty of time! 
Linking up with the RSC Challenge. 

My week:
Saturday - the kids played and had fun exploring the woods and water at camp. My oldest brother and SIL came out in the evening to visit.
Sunday - all the rest of the siblings and familys came out (2 sisters and the other brother) for a BBQ and visiting. 
Monday - I think we just hung out around camp - the kids had a bit of a down day after all the visiting the day before.
Tuesday - I went to work for the day while the kids stayed at camp. my niece Sarah came out to keep them entertained for a few hours.
Wednesday - I went to work again and left the grandparents in charge. Everyone was alive when I got home so we went out for pizza for dinner.
Thursday - I took the kids to Stowe to give Grammy and Grandpa a break for a few hours. We found Laughing Moon Chocolates and the kids watched them dip the homemade caramels. This is the Bear outside the Mercantile in Stowe. We ran into our neighbor Pam who offered to take a picture for us with me in it! We also did the Lake Elmore Bingo that night - we didn't win but my sister Terri, niece Sally, nephew Charlie all won and Sally won again at the end.

Friday - after a lazy morning (did I mention I was up at 6AM to leave by 6:45 to get to work for 8AM those two days?) we headed to my sisters house in Marshfield. My niece Sally snapped this of me in my sister Terri's hammock at her house on Friday. The kids had fun gathering the eggs from the coop, visiting her pond and river, playing with the guinea pig Ms. Penelope and the dog Mia. We headed a few miles up the road to their cabin in the woods and visited the outhouse... but did not use it! She has offered to take them for a sleepover so sometime they will go home with her and hang out with their cousin Sally (almost 16) and Charlie (almost 14).

Saturday - We went for a paddle in the kayaks this morning. Emily in the green one, Aidan in the yellow and I had the red one.

I declined to pull mine up and headed back out so the kids jumped into the paddle boat and decided to 'tow' me in! Silly kids.

I did snap a picture of the kids and Grandpa R while Grammy went in to town to get groceries. I think this was before the pontoon boat ride around the lake. We are enjoying our time up here relaxing and hopefully we are not driving the grandparents too nuts! 

Almost time to get dressed and ready to head into Montpelier to watch a ball game. We will go see the Mountaineers play ball... rather than heading to Burlington to see the Lake Monsters this year. Ball park food tonight for dinner. 
Hopefully I will be able to do a little more stitching this coming week.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Pretty blue baskets and lots of fun at camp! When you said Burlington, it made me think you must be at Lake Champlain. I love that area, so beautiful!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Oh, I do miss Vermont! It was one of my favorite places on our trip last year. Looks/sounds like you are having a great time! Enjoy! ~Jeanne

canuckquilter said...

Sound like you're having a lovely visit, enjoying camp and family. I'm impressed that you fit in a bit of sewing too!

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE this week's header shot!! Sounds like you all are keeping well entertained.

a good yarn said...

Holidays are a lot of work. It can be exhausting but that hammock looks inviting.