Saturday, July 15, 2017

RSC Saturday in Vermont....

Alas.... I completely forgot to take a photo of my completed blue baskets I have done this week before I left home. There is a pretty nice stack of them in my sewing room. You can picture them... right? No? Ok, this is the blue basket I will work on today... once I find the background in the other bag upstairs (yup, my pt person is not going to be happy with me - too much walking yesterday and now stairs! My foot is not happy with me today either.) I will venture down to the swing by the lake you will see in a picture further down in this post and stitch this little baby up later today. Linking up with the RSC Challenge.

We travelled yesterday up to Vermont on a direct flight to Plattsburgh NY where my brother was kind enough to pick us up.
A ferry ride over to Vermont and then a drive out to my family's camp on Lake Elmore to see Grammy and Grandpa. Stole these pics from my brother on Facebook. Ignore me in the background... up at 5AM and a 3 hour flight sitting between these 2.

 The kids promptly deposited their luggage to their rooms, gave hugs and then went out to the woods despite the cool temps (in the 60's compared to our Florida weather) and the drizzle of rain. We all slept great at camp (4 bedroom house on a lake) and the kids are up and out exploring the woods again this morning. When we did get them inside, they had to pull out all the toys - even this one from the attic! Grammy even got down there to play with it! Never too old to play with toys!

This morning they went outside by the lake. Grandpa is supervising them 'fixing' the stairs to make them more stable. The kids have since changed into swim wear and are down there in the 60 degree temps! Silly kids. Time for me to get dressed and pop into town to grocery shop. Need lactaid milk for Emily and fixings for lasagna tonight and a family gathering here tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Glad to hear that you had a safe journey. LOVE that new header photo of the lake!! It looks peaceful. Enjoy your visit!

  2. What a beautiful place for a vacation! Good that the kids don't mind the cool temps, and hopefully that gives you a chance to relax, too!

  3. Vermont is on my bucket list - along with most other states in the US! The lakeside looks like a super place to relax and enjoy some stitching. Kids will swim in just about any weather.

  4. Sixty degrees sounds refreshing! I hope you have a wonderful visit!

  5. I hope it stays 60 degrees for your sakes lol / in PA it is about 88 right now
    I know that you'll all enjoy each other and this visit no matter what the temps are though :)