Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday prep day....

In order to do hand work, there must be prep work! Today I have spent a bit of time prepping some hand work to take with me on my vacation to Vermont later this week.

I drew the lines onto the backing of the fabric for back basting of the last 9 border blocks for the 1857 Album quilt. The last two corners and 2 sides have already been back basted and are ready for some needle turn appliqué.

Then it was basket time. I cut out the rest of the 6 inch backgrounds. (finish at 5.5 inches - weird size I know!) Then it was time to pull the rest of the blue fabrics and trace out the basket, trim it and add to the stack.

2 weeks away from my machine... and 2 flights of 3 hours each to get there and back.....

I think I might pull the red and prep a blue dresden plate for hand quilting... you know - the laptops - work and personal - need something to keep them cushioned in their bag =)

The hand pieced trip around the world quilt might get packed too.... we will see. I know I have a baggie with the next 2 colors prepped already. Maybe while the blue is out I can find a length with enough to make the next round of 2 inch squares....

And yes, I will pack my crochet hook Mom. You  will get some new kitchen towel tops made while I am up there!

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow Sunday stitchers.  I think I'll take a break and watch The British Baking Show while I stitch a basket.....


  1. I took my 1857 quilt top to work and the office manager told me she was so relieved to see the border. She had watched me applique and wondered why it was taking so long to applique that block. It made me laugh. Did you make all 60+ blocks. I ended up only making 30 plus the border.

  2. You've got a great set of projects to help you relax on vacation. Enjoy!

  3. The prep work is worth it though. You can stitch up a storm while you are away.

  4. Wow! You so a lot of handwork - it's so beautiful! I'm so enjoying seeing your progress! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh I miss my hands!!!! Such great applique blocks and projects! Have fun in cool Vermont!

  6. I feel like a lazy bum reading this :) I have just been reading a fiction book for the last few days versus sewing. Need to get back into the groove. You are inspiring :)