Friday, March 19, 2010

A new quilt!!!!

Well, I had found out around Thanksgiving that my nephew in Colorado is expecting a baby in June..... I was waiting to find out boy/girl. My niece let me know it is going to be a little BOY! So, since Aidan loves his doggie quilt so much and I had a bunch of the doggie print and the blue and yellow that go with it, I've decided to use that to make a quick baby quilt. I started it on Tuesday and it is going together well and quickly. Since we needed more quilts for the quilt show next month.... I decided I should have this one done and entered it. Now I really need to get working on it and get it done. It will be 50x50 and just a four patch of the blue/yellow with a doggie square in between. Hopefully it won't be too busy with the bright fabrics.
It has been a busy week. Took the kids with me to bowling on Tuesday night and Greg picked them up there since he had to work late. It was nice for some of the ladies I've bowled with for years to see the kids that they hear so much about! Wednesday night was quilt guild... I actually brought the finished (yup, binding was complete) quilt for Mom and Greg's to show in our 'show and tell'. Of course, there was a vendor there and I just had to have 4 of the fat quarters so they will show up in something later this year. All but 1 were green..... must be a spring thing! Yesterday my sister called in the morning, she was at a conference 20 minutes from me and had a 75 minute lunch break and wanted to know if we'd meet her for lunch! So, the kids and I got in the car and headed to Friendly's for lunch with her yesterday. The kids did great in the restaurant. Today, after the gym we headed to the mall to have lunch with some friends of mine. They haven't seen Aidan in over a year and Emily at all (she'll be 1 in a few weeks!). The kids were really good for lunch although a little sleepy as Emily really didn't nap in the car this morning at all and it was after 1 when we left.... past Aidan's nap time! I think we'll stay home tomorrow and play outside as it will be beautiful weather - 60's and sunny, really warm for March in Vermont!
Wow, 2 posts in one week! I hope to have the baby quilt top done this weekend so I'll post a photo when the top is done.
Happy quilting all.

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