Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby quilt....

The month has just flown by!
I have been sewing... I made a rail fence baby quilt above for a baby shower on Sunday.... finished the quilting last night and just need to hand stitch the binding down which is very doable. I just did a star and loop meander in yellow thread. Not bad for finding out about the baby shower early May and getting it done with 2 kids with colds, me with a head cold and I think the girl is teething but we still haven't seen any new teeth pop. At least she has slept through the night for the last week... much nicer than up 4-6 times at night crying like the previous week.
I am getting back into knitting a little bit..... I made 2 dish cloths this month as my old ones needed replacement. I also crocheted some tops to kitchen towels as my Mom gave me some towels last year for 'when I get a chance'. Also need to do up some scrubbies for her.... keep forgetting about that. Oops. Will do that Sunday night after the baby quilt is out of the house.
Next on the agenda is to pin the graduation quilt for my nephew Ben, who is valedictorian of his HS class next month. His will be the 'sister' quilt of the one I made for hubby. His is set in a pinwheel fashion in greens,brown and creams. I think I am going to try a circular pattern on the pinwheels and maybe some small pebble quilting in the sashings.... still thinking on how to quilt the sashings...

I've also read quite a bit (gotta love my gym time!)... I've read the Aloha Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini, about 4 Debbie Macomber books (Summer on Blossom Street, the Cedar Cove series (7, 9 and just started 8)) and found a new author to me: Clare O'Donohue - The Lover's Knot and A Drunkards Path. I'm looking forward to her next book out this coming fall. They were a good mystery read. I've also read Carla Neggers - 'The Harbor' and local author (VT anyway!) Archer Mayor - 'The Sniper's Wife'. I started out the year by reading Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice and have Sense and Sensibility about half read so far.
Better grab that baby quilt and start the binding while kids are napping.

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Judy said...

Your quilt is beautiful!

Oh wow, I love Debbie Macomber's books. They are hard to put down once you start.