Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new wall hanging

I had originally been thinking of doing some little baskets on a quilt so I would have some hand work to take with me during some car rides that are coming up in the near future... but I couldn't find one I liked and was unable to draft something I liked. I had an idea of a scrappy egg for Easter and pulled some fabrics from my scraps and came up with this little 25x25 wall hanging....

I just sewed some scraps together, drew an egg shape on some construction paper and drew around them and cut out. I will just applique them down sometime in the next couple of weeks. I sewed the rest together already and just need to get a backing and batting ready for this to be hand quilted after the applique is done. This will be my first hand applique and first fully hand quilted quilt! The due date is April 1.... no fooling! I'll just pretend to be Thomas the train and 'I think I can, I think I can' until it is done.

After this is done.. I need to clear out and clean up the sewing room for my MIL's visit at the end of the month. Currently there are tons of boxes of quilt show stuff in there, plus my normal sewing mess and baskets of kids crafting things.... Lots of things to organize so it is ready for a guest to sleep there. She is coming up to help DH with the kids for the 3 days that I will be at the quilt show - 1 setup day on Friday April 1 and then the 2 day show on April 2+3. I will have 5 quilts entered into the 4 different categories. I am anxiously waiting to see what the other Challenge quilts will look like. I love how mine came out and have heard some neat ideas of other quilts but haven't seen them yet. If you are in the St. Albans Vermont area - stop by city hall on that weekend and visit our free quilt show!

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