Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to my own sewing!!!!

I got the 14 award ribbons closed up and the black drapes hemmed. Just need to repair a few of the little ballot holders later this afternoon and everything seems to be in good shape.

So..... on our snow day Monday while the 2 feet of snow piled up outside... I pulled the overflowing rubbermaid tub of scraps out and had the kids help me sort it into color piles. Kept AT entertained for over an hour..... but the girl doesn't have the fabric interest yet. I knew I had some triangles left over from the pink/lime green wall quilt for Em.... and turned it into this little doll quilt.
I need to quilt it and bind it still. I also had some put together in twosies.... and now have these 6 units to turn into another doll quilt.

Yesterday I pulled out the blue/white triangles and made a bunch more of these stars.... I have over 30 so far and they are 6 inches finished.

I still have a bunch of the white/blue HST's in the box so there will be more of these blocks coming. I may need to make 2 quilts with them. I got the words book in the mail a few weeks ago by Tonya R.... and am thinking of making the border say the 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' song. For the second quilt... maybe the Twinkle Twinkle as the middle part with the stars around it in the border. Just the initial thoughts going through my head right now. We sing that song to the kids before naps and bedtime so I would need one for each kiddo.
I also need to get back to the midget blocks.... but that #5 is a bear of a paper piece and I've had enough of that for a bit with the ribbons. Think I may do #6 which looks easier as a pp block and then there is some regular piecing!

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country mouse said...

Love those blocks, especially the blue and white. Blue and white and favorite. Makes me think I really need to maybe play with the yarn a little less, and make time for my poor, neglected sewing machine for a while :cD I've got lots of quilty projects that need some attention too.