Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Award Ribbons for the quilt show...

I have been doing something but not too much to show for it. These are the turned ribbons that I have so far. I have 2 more to turn and I need to redo one and make another vendor ribbon and then these should be done.... well in time for the show in April. They just need a really good pressing and a close.

Kindle + extremely cold weather (left in the car this weekend with below zero temps... oops!) = a Kindle that won't work! I called tech support this morning and it is under warranty so they are sending me a new one. Yippee! I am assuming it was the cold that did it in and not AT swinging it around on my bed in it's cover and prying the side apart. I'm pretty sure it worked after I snapped it back together... a very rough week for the Kindle. Lets hope the new one works and I remember to bring the gym bag in from the car during this really cold snap.


  1. Love your award ribbons! They are adorable!

  2. those are really pretty! You put alot of work into them.