Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Instead of finishing the awards or ironing and getting 4 backings made so I can get some quilts quilted......

I've been working on these little guys.

I have 14 made so far and think they will make a cute little quilt. I'm thinking of alternating with a 9 patch of all blues and maybe some words in the border along the lines of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' since that is what the kids get as a song before naps and bedtime.

I also have 3 more ribbon awards to make up and then finish - layer and stitch around the sides with the long ribbon tail attached - all the ones that I have made so far. I'd like to have the ones I have completed done before the guild meeting on the 16th... but also would like to have a couple of quilts quilted by then too. I don't think it will all get done as I'll need to clean the house up and do some cooking for Aidan's 3rd birthday party on Sunday! My family is coming up so they'll be 22 people in the house and that is just my siblings and families and my parents! Yikes.... I'm not sure the house is big enough.

A bit of snow today so lots of time outside keeping the driveway cleared off every couple of hours will be today's main task. I just did 4-5 inches around 8AM and there was over an inch down 30 minutes later. The joys of winter.

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