Friday, May 6, 2011

P.I.G.S. question.....

Over at Jill's blog she is doing a weekly PIGS question. I have been reading along since she started but am just starting to answer. This week's question: This week, we will be discussing Leaders and Enders and whether you multitask when quilting. Do you work on one project at a time or are you better when you are juggling 2 or more?

I have to say, when I started quilting I did one project at a time and it seemed to take forever. Working and life seemed to take over when I got to a point that I just wasn't into doing right then. Since then, I have tons of UFO's and other things I'd like to start. I find that different days I'm in the mood to do different things.... so I tend to have different things available to work on. My Leaders and Enders project was going to be a 'Twinkle Twinkle' quilt for the kids... well, once that started it took over and so that was what I worked on. I also have my UFO list from the guild and have been plugging away at that as the mood strikes. It seems I was in a quilting mood last week as I got 2 quilts machine quilted and binding put on in the evenings=). I also am doing the Midget blocks... but the paper pieced one is holding me up a bit right now. I'm more in the mood for easy - non thinking sewing so the 6 patches and 9 patches are getting worked on now. I did set up a basket close to my sewing machine last month will extra HST and squares and triangles. I have been pulling from there as L&E's when finishing off some things - no real 'plan' for those but they will end up somewhere in a scrappy quilt in the future.

Go check out Jill's blog and see what other people have answered to her P.I.G.S. question this week.


Deanna said...

Your philosphical approach to quilting is very peaceful feeling.

Julianne said...

love that you just let quilting happen I am trying to work on that with the scrappy quilts I just want to enjoy the process like I do when I knit