Thursday, June 23, 2011

strip log cabin blocks

I found the link! Over at she has some neat patterns and I just loved her log cabin one. Mary, thanks so much for sharing this technique and pattern on the web. The key.... no 'measuring' and cutting strips... just use what you have. In playing with the yellow scrap happy challenge for June.... I used some of my blue scraps too and came up with about 10 of these cuties.
And tomorrow..... I'm going to VQF! I called my sister and she was available and able to watch the kiddo's for a few hours while I go drool over some very pretty quilts and maybe do a little shopping damage. Saturday.... assuming it doesn't rain, I'll take the kids with me to Morrisville,VT for their 'Lacing up for Cancer' walk. I dropped the black/red stars quilt to Kelly last weekend and she will be doing a raffle there for chances to win the quilt. Who knows... maybe the above yellow/blue one will become next year's raffle.


  1. I love blue and yellow together :) and I like the sound of this technique. Lovely blocks :)

  2. Great color combination. Yellow plays so well with blue. Love the log cabins.

  3. I didn't see you at VQF!! Wasn't it fun?!?