Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13... and a time change...

Wow - I have not posted since last Sunday and no sewing at all has happened! Same photo from last week... maybe I'll actually get to turn this one into a completed block this evening?

My week - Monday started my new job up in VT. It was only on-site for M,T,W and then I will work from home mornings while the kids are in school. Monday night was out to dinner with my friend Michelle for lots of chatting.
Tuesday - work and then hung out with my old bowling friends in VT in the evening.
Wednesday - half day of work, lunch with Mom and Dad and then airports and plane rides. I got home at 11PM.
Thursday - dropped kids to school, got my computer for work set up onto the wireless and printer, then bowling. Put in Avon orders and lot of phone calls while kids are home and helping with homework. A meeting at school on the Sea world field trip at 6. Then back and forth with my district manager at Avon on my recruit.
Friday - worked for a few hours, then errands - garbage and recycle after cleaning out the fridge, a trip to the girl scout store and lots of chatting with Raey there (she is my contact for questions!), then quick back to pick up kids and an extra one. Home and then a play date that lasted until after 7 when Greg got home. My friend Deb needed to chat as she had a rough week. The kids play so well together we just let them be outside.
Saturday - Greg took kids to Grandma, I headed to our store to run errands - bank, drop packages to ship, store - busy so jumped in to help, updated the books, Sams club for gas and groceries then back to the store to put the order in. Home for lunch... and the phone call from Grandma - come get them. Emily has been sick and she was too! I headed over to get them (40 minutes away)  as Greg was not feeling great either. Got Emily home (good thing I grabbed a bucket!) and into bed, made meatloaf and headed to the Walmart with Aidan to get some groceries and birthday presents for a party today.
Time change. Emily was up in the night.....
Sunday - Girl scouts horses is this afternoon - we'll see how Emily is doing. So far so good with no fever and keeping toast down. Aidan has boy scout camp cards to sell this afternoon 1-3 with Greg. Then a quick over to his friend Thomas (play date from Friday) for cake and ice cream around 5.... assuming I go to horses this PM with Emily 1-4.

I really am looking forward to some slow stitching tonight! I think I deserve it.

Wow - if you made it this far head over to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday..... less stressful reading I promise!


  1. Wow!! Your week was WAY busier that any of mine!! Here's hoping that you will ease into a schedule that will find you back at you sewing machine during the coming week.

  2. Wow, no wonder you didn't get any stitching done! Hope that all works out well with the job and that things settle down as you get a routine with your job going.

  3. Breathe! I hope your schedule settles into a comfortable routine soon.

  4. I forgot to breathe reading this lol. I think you deserve a stiff DRINK with your stitching too :)

    1. There was a bottle of wine open Friday with Deb and I happened to pick up oj and pineapple juice to make a rum punch last night =).

  5. Busy, busy, busy! Hope you find a minute or two to stitch!

  6. Whew! You have had quite a week! Hoping this next one is a bit slower and ALL of you are well. ~Jeanne

  7. Wow, you were busy. Made me tired just o read about it. ;-)

  8. Holy moly you have been VERY busy! Hopefully, you have found some time to slow down and just enjoy.

  9. Wow, that just made my head spin! Hope everyone is feeling better.