Thursday, May 12, 2016

Appliqué anyone?

I have been doing a little hand work this week. Finally finished adding the peels to that block and got a border and another block done. 

My first 'free' Thursday.... a morning walk with a friend and then chatting for another hour, quick shower, prep of avon and delivered a few orders. Trip to TRU to try and drop some gs cookies  - but she isn't there until 5PM. Will go back later tonight. Then.... a leisurely walk through Walmart. Home for a quick lunch and off to get the kids from school. I think we'll repot some house plants and weed the garden after a quick oil change in the car. Sure do hope they don't have homework =)


  1. I have that same problem with Yahoo...all my commenting gets a Mailer Daemon listing . Very annoying and also they don't go to the person's email box....I am not getting any handwork done--except for a few rows of knitting here and there...but scrapping quite a bit these days. Just finished up our former travel vacations to get current...hah!1 I need to figure out what handwork I should begin for the summer's deck sitting....maybe some more crazy quilting with beads and laces and "Stuff"...hugs, Julierose P.S. Your applique is coming so nicely....

  2. Very busy but happily you did get some time in to work on your blocks!

  3. That sounds busier that some of my busy days!!!