Monday, May 30, 2016

Design floor Monday

I picked my UFO project for June and encouraged my Vermont Quilting FB group to join in. I just had the 16 patch blocks when I started Saturday.  I made those last year with the RSC Challenge. Hopefully this will be a finished quilt by the end of June. The pattern is Goodnight Irene and I love how it is looking in the scrappy colors. Excuse the messy floor.....not much area in the sewing room for display and everything extra gets shoved into my space. The kids and I will be working a bit each day this week to clean up in there in the afternoons.

Linking up in June with OMG for the June One Monthly Goal.

I did some outside work yesterday and the heat did me in. A splitting headache yesterday evening had me in bed by 5 for the night. Feeling much better today... and love how my planting area came out. Just need one more white bee balm to put in there and some mulch. Greg pulled the bushes out of there last weekend... they were trimmed down last year and then a frost got them. They didn't come back well so we decided to take them out. I'm going to love these perennials with a pop of sunny colors - yellow, white and orange - as I enter my house. Yikes, the driveway really needs to be power washed. Living in Florida it is a constant fight with mold with all the humidity.

Today will be a BBQ of some Ribs with my MIL and FIL coming over for some pool time in the back yard. Greg has been busy building a deck for it yesterday and today. Me.... I guess the house needs to get picked up and food needs to get made. Potato salad, dip for chips, and a taco salad. First.... I need to pop to the bowling alley (why are they bowling on a holiday?) and deliver some Avon orders.  Must get moving.

Taco Salad Appetizer.

8 ounces of cream cheese - softened
8 ounces of sour cream
4-5 medium tomato, chopped
1 small head of lettuce
1 onion, chopped
1 large jar of salsa, drained
16 ounces shredded mozzarella
sliced black olives, optional.

Strain the salsa and discard juice. (1-2 hours). Mix cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. in a 9 1/2x11 dish or round platter, layer the ingredients.
-cream cheese and sour cream mixture
drained salsa
chopped onion
chopped tomato
shredded lettuce
black olives

Chill for a couple of hours. Serve with Tortilla chips.


canuckquilter said...

That's a great use of your 16-patch blocks. Another beautiful RSC quilt almost done! I'm sure you will enjoy the perennial garden. I've been out cleaning mine up today, after neglecting things at the end of last summer. I was almost done when the thunder started :( Just another hour was all I needed!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm not normally a fan of random scrappiness, but I think your scrappy Goodnight Irene is absolutely spectacular!

Moneik said...

I'm also working on a scrappy Good Night Irene quilt as well. I just need to get a few more of my squares blocks done.

Ellen said...

Your design floor looks great! We are weeding like nobody's business - we still haven't planted a thing!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

The design floor looks great as does your landscaping work; just beautiful! :)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

The design floor looks great as does your landscaping work; just beautiful! :)

Rachel said...

Very pretty! I love the rainbow you've got there!

Chantal said...

Love your Goodnight Irene quilt. Yes you need to finish this one. It is too pretty not to be seen by all. Great job in the flowerbeds too. Good luck with your goal. ;^)

KaHolly said...

Love the scrappiness of your Goodnight Irene quilt! I made one, too, with Terry! Good luck accomplishing your OMG goal!

shobs said...

That is some pretty scrappy blocks you got there! Will wait to see it as a quilt!