Friday, June 3, 2016

Progress on my UFO for June....

Grandma took the kids to the movies yesterday and then for an overnight at her house. After working.... I got to sew! A little more progress was made. I also found and cut out the few remaining colored squares I need while I was digging in the scrap bins. I just need to cut more of the white background and then start sewing things together. I must say..... I LOVE how this is coming out. I already know the quilting pattern I want to do... hopefully the FMQ will not give me fits when I get to that point. Right now.... it is looking like 64x64 for a size... unless I add some borders. I think it will stay at that size...easier to move through the machine for quilting. A very scrappy binding will finish this off.


  1. LOVE it!!! Glad you were able to finish up work and take full advantage of "Grandma Time."

  2. Love that!! Thank goodness for grandma ... I'm sure she loved her time with the kiddos, I'm sure the kiddos loved their time with grandma, and I'm sure you loved your time to sew. Win-win-win!

  3. this is coming so beautifully--will be spectacular...hugs, Julierose