Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Home again...

Laundry is spinning. Guinea pigs have been fed, cuddled and are enjoying munching on food in their play yard. One cat has ventured out for cuddling, brushing and made sure her food dish was filled.

Relaxing time...although the kids seem to think they are hungry and Mom should know what dinner will be! Geez, I guess vacation is over.

Some shots of the sunrise yesterday from my balcony. All by myself as everyone else was sleeping.
6:09AM 6/27/16

6:19 6/27/16

6:29 6/27/16

6:39 6/27/16 Aidan joined me for this one.


  1. Oh my, there is nothing like a sunrise (or sunset for that matter) on the beach. Thanks for giving me one to tide me over.

  2. Gorgeous shots--sometimes it pays to be up early...lol hugs, Julierose

  3. Yes, you know real life is back when everyone wants to know what you are making for dinner. Beautiful beach sunrise. Glad you were there to see it.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the early morning of a new day. Sorry vacation is over - good times always seem to go too fast. ~Jeanne

  5. Really gorgeous views! I don't have young children but I have a husband and a grown son at home and they always want to know what is for dinner, for lunch....and on and on!!!!