Sunday, July 3, 2016

Slow Stitching.....

Kathy reminds us to slow down each Sunday and today she is encouraging us to slow down even more and enjoy the process. I have to say..... I always enjoy the slow stitching!

After a little machine stitching yesterday to make my RSC row along row.....I seem to have settled into my recliner with some hand stitching and a couple of movies while the house was nice and quiet. I do love Netflix. Adventures in Baby Sitting and Back to the Future were watched while I added this blue round to the trip quilt. We did Back to the Future 2 after the kids went to bed....

Each of these are little 2 inch squares that I hand stitch onto the round. Mom, that means the square you see is 1.5 inches =) The kids had selected the light pink dots fabric for the next round.... I was thinking to swap that with a hot pink (the RSC color this month) but in the initial search for fabric....I did not have enough for the needed 88 squares! I'll have to go double check this morning with a fresh perspective..... maybe I can find enough?(WooHoo - I have enough of the hot pink for a round)  Or...maybe the light pink, then hot pink then bright green? Either way I need to decide and get the squares cut as this will be one of my hand work projects heading to Vermont next weekend. They just need to get cut and I'll bring the ruler with me to mark them.. probably while sitting on the picnic table on the porch looking out over the lake =) The bright green will have to be a mix.. but they are the same value so it will have to 'work'! From this point on I am guessing it will become more scrappy as I am just trying to pull from the stash wall and not shop for more fabric. I am at the point that  fat quarter is not going to be enough.

The other hand work that needs prepping will be the remaining blocks for the 1857 Album quilt - 3 were released on the 1st and I have 4 more to prep from previous months. I finished this one this week and started prepping the oak leaves yesterday with back basting.

That should keep me busy for 12 days and 2 of those involving plane long as I remember to pack the neck ott light. The lighting at camp is not the greatest for hand stitching. Think the kids will allow me to stitch on the flights? Hmmm. Me either. Guess the kindle will come with as well.

Linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. What will you be working on today?

For those that read yesterday's post.... Flower was diagnosed with head trauma. Since it had been 4 days since we noticed the strange behavior and he is getting better each day (walking and eating but falls over occasionally now) it will be a wait and see. He said he probably will make a full recovery but it will take up to 3 months. Hopefully the kids learned the lesson to be very careful (not sure what really happened still) with them and to let us know immediately if something happens. The good news... a vet that specializes in exotic animals (including guinea pigs but he is allergic to them!) is just 5 minutes from our house!

Time to get dressed and make up for the lazy day yesterday.....


  1. Your 1957 blocks are coming along nicely.
    i like that your kids are making colour suggestions.

  2. I love that trip around the world. I have to get one of those neck ott lights. Hubby thinks my table one is much too bright. Enjoy your traveling stitching and reading.

  3. Your kids did a nice job with their colour choices! Looks like you are all set for you trip!

  4. You have alot of patience sewing the tiny squares.
    Great work.
    Kathleen Mary
    from Kathys Nest

  5. It looks like you've got plenty of hand stitching lined up for your trip. Hopefully Flower will make a full recovery.

  6. Here also take the opportunity to watch movies and series on netflix while I'm slowly going in the seams or crochet, I loved the colors that you used for your travel blanket.