Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday August 10 2016

First day of school! The kids were excited to go this morning and were up, dressed, had breakfast, packed their lunch, brushed teeth and hair and had sneakers on by 6:50! That will not happen again until the first day of school next year. We got out the door around 7:10 and dropped off a little after 7:20. I got home and had a lovely walk (I promised myself I would walk every day after dropping them off to school this year.). Then a quick shower and logged into work in a very quiet house. Boy, that was so nice.

Some pics of the kids - before leaving and waiting in the car line to open so we could drop them off.

Lots of cars waiting in line at drop off ... and I had a surprise at pick up. The middle school next door is getting out 20 minutes BEFORE elementary this year instead of 20 minutes after. Can you say... TRAFFIC? Oh boy... good thing I love hand work and decided to make a lemoyne star block a day in the car line this year. I am having a little issue with printing, but I'm sure it was user error yesterday.  I did manage to get 8 shapes printed out with inklingo and hand sewn. Just need to press and prep some background for the squares and triangles to make it a block. These are small - finishing at 4.5
inches. I'd show a picture... but I can't seem to find the little bugger. Did I mention they are small? The first one is a purple dot and blue flowered print with purple flowers. I'll post a picture once I find it =)

Maybe I'll try printing again tonight... or make the binding for this UFO.

Yes, finally at the binding stage on this guy. I learned that a 2 inch strip on the back to connect is much easier to work with than the 1 inch or 1.5 inch in the tutorial I used.

QSQA - top finished waiting on binding.
The back.

These are Lori Smith patterns that I made with a group over at Jo's Country Junction back in 2012. I used a line of fabric called Kansas Troubles. I love the shades - very country looking. The back is homespuns that I had in the stash. No rhyme or reason... just picked one and went with it. These 12 inch blocks were all hand quilted and then put together. I will use this method again.. but I'll make sure all my blocks are the same size first! Started in January 2012 and hopefully will be finished in August 2016. 


Ray and Jeanne said...

I love seeing kids on the first day of school - so happy, excited, and great anticipation. I hope they both have a great year. Your Lori Smith pattern looks great. Just take it with you to the car line and you'll finish that binding in no time! ~Jeanne

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Ah they look so cute in their first day pics! Here ( Pa. ) we don't go back until right before or right after Labor Day. I wonder if it was like that in Vermont and just different in the South!

The car line time sounds awful if one didn't have hand work or a good book or something each day. You'll get so much accomplished over time just from that alone!

Moneik said...

You're doing so well finishing up your UFO's! Great job on all that sashing. Glad you've found something to keep you busy in the car line.