Thursday, February 16, 2017

A mouse in the house......

Mouse after detail 
Good thing it is a fabric mouse! My mouse is a free pdf that I printed off and traced onto the back of my fabric for back basting. I basted it and then turned it yesterday while waiting in a car line.... I went early since it was looking like rain and that usually means one line instead of 2. I added some details to it today in the car line again. Not too bad for my first attempt at detail.. using the supplies I had in the sewing room. One strand of DMC embroidery floss in a grey and brown for the face. One down.... and either 11 or 13 to go! I was thinking 3 mice on each side..... but I cut the block 6.5 x 8.5 to match the 8.5 cat block... so two sides might get 4 mice instead of 3.....

Mouse before detail.

Must go trace some more out. Free Play at soccer tonight - both kids are signed up for the spring session already and of course...have grown out of their cleats from last fall. First though, Aidan has an orthodontist appointment.... so soft food for him tonight after practice. Tomorrow is the first girl scout cookie booth! I almost have all Emily's Pre-order cookies delivered - just 3 orders for bowling on Saturday morning and one to Papa A Saturday afternoon. Mom's will get shipped up with her birthday present sometime in the next week or two =).


  1. Your mouse is a real sweetie! Ive always wanted to try Girl Scout cookies. Fundraising here is usually chocolate.

  2. Oh that mouse is so cute and you have me thinking about GS cookies now and craving them, shame on you :) I am always a sucker for the shortbread ones.