Monday, February 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

OK, I have laid out this quilt quite a few times over the last 2 years... and yet I just noticed one connector block was sewed wrong yesterday! So glad I caught it before I sewed it together. Yup, the missing area is the oops block. I do love how the border connects the chains. This was the 2015 RSC Challenge Quilt that is available on Angela's blog under her 2015 sampler tab.

I made great progress yesterday cutting and making all my border parts. I was 3 4.5x12.5 strips short on my background fabric.... so I found another similar and am calling it good enough.
This quilt is too big to completely lay out (except in the living room but someone was in there) so here is all but the last 2 rows and border.

Hopefully I can sew a few of these together today. Today the kids are off from school for Presidents Day. Emily is at Grandma's for an over night and will be returned this afternoon so she can go to scouts tonight. Aidan has his first guitar lesson tonight while we are at scouts. I hope to get Aidan in the garden with me today - we need to weed and plant a few more things..... like the seeds he got for his birthday from Uncle David and Aunt Donna. We have radishes coming up Mom.... sure you don't want to head down in a month and have some?

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  1. Pretty quilt! Will you be hand quilting this one on the new frame?

  2. That quilt is going to be SEW beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Lovely rainbow colors. Congrats on all the progress.

  4. That is a lovely quilt - great colours, blocks and I really like how you have extended the border.

  5. lucky to catch the mistake prior to sewing!! :) Going to be a beautiful finish.

  6. I never catch the mistake, before. Guitar lessons... my dh is taking them too and I love to hear him practice. Music is a gift to all that hear it.LeeAnna