Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I spent yesterday delivering kids to Grandma and then getting some groceries. I should not have to go grocery shopping for a while!
Then it was time to sit and relax in the recliner with some hand stitching. I got the red dresden plate quilted and just need to work on the outline and cross hatch in the white part, then put an X through the squares surrounding the block. My left middle finger is a little sore from the needle picks.... so I might have to rest it for a day. I still can't stand a thimble on my finger. Emily suggested hearts in the center circle. I think I did a swirl in the purple. Each one will get something different I think. This was free hand stitched... cause I was too lazy to find a heart and trace it on there!

 Hubby grilled some steaks last night and we had baked potato, steamed broccoli and some mushrooms to go with it. I was zonked out on the couch by 9! Yup - real exciting at my house! I did wake up from 1-5 and decided to read a cozy mystery on my kindle. I want to read a little more this year and I heard rumors that whatever you do on New Years you do all year =). It was Old Maids Puzzle by Terry Thayer.

I put away a few more Christmas things and found the sewing table. I sewed 40 more of On Ringo Lake's step 2 for an even 100 out of 200 done and pressed. She revealed the final clue today! What a pretty quilt.

Then I pressed the Spring Blooms Quilt and the backing and cut the batting. Pinning that is next on the list. I think it will just get straight line stitching on the diagonal and some hand quilting in the blooms. The white fabric is not a good feel for hand quilting so I'll have to come up with something for the corner setting triangles. I do have some ideas.

When putting things away I found the parts for Hoarfrost - a quilt pattern by Joanne over at Canuckquilter. She designed the Spring Blooms Quilt too! I decided my hang up with this one is the paper piecing. I really, really do not like paper piecing at all. So... I am taking some liberties (hope you don't mind Joanne!) and will be finding a few snowflakes to appliqué to the 3 snowflake blocks needed! That will let me get this quilt finished I think.

For now.... I'm going to make a tourtiere for dinner tonight. I'll probably be the only one who eats it but oh well, it reminds me of my french canadian heritage, even if it is traditionally a Christmas eve meal. Having the oven on later will warm up the house - we are getting a high of 48 today in north central Florida.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Your Spring Blossoms quilt is looking great. Happy New Year!

  2. Spring Blossoms is lovely quilt from canuckquilter's design. I keep threatening to make a Dresden quilt. Your toutiere is halfway to an Aussie Meat Pie. Just needs some gravy.

  3. Beautiful Dresden Plate - and your Spring Blossom quilt!
    Have a great 2018

  4. Rats!! I missed your special dinner last night. It looks delish!! Best of luck with your projects for 2018.