Saturday, January 27, 2018


I have yet to do any light blue sewing this week! I might head in and find the sewing machine in a little bit... or more likely will put some hand stitches into the dresden while relaxing a bit in my recliner.

It has been a busy day (and yesterday!). Today was our Girl Scout Thinking Day. Our Troop did Australia and I missed that we needed a flag - so was busy making one with some fabric yesterday.
It came out ok.

Then there was the board to do, and finish up our boomerang swaps - which we needed 30 more that I cut out yesterday in the car line. Emily helped color those as the rest of the troop had already done 160 of them on Monday night. I added the pins last night while watching National Treasure. My co-leader has a friend who's hubby is from Australia. They lent us a bunch of things including the boomerang to display at our booth. The girls had Fairy Bread as their snack 2 weeks ago and Anzac biscuits (cookies) this past week. Did you know that the measurement are a little different between the USA and Australia? 1Tablespoon in US is 15 ml but it is 20 ml in Australia! Their cup measurement is a little different too. I did not know that! The girls had a great time and we learned a bunch of neat little facts about Australia.

Emily has been wanting a Fitbit. I have one and and tried different ones through the years. I got the new Change 2 for Christmas as my Alta was not keeping the charge after a couple of years. I found a knock off for her on Amazon for $26 that arrived today. She charged it, then agreed to go for a walk at the trail head with me to test it out. 6,000 + steps later she was a happy camper and I hit my 10,000 goal for the day!

Time to relax with some stitching. Dinner later (we ate lunch late - after 2) will be the leftover home made Chinese  from last night - a chicken and veggie lo mein and a Thai me you'll like it that Aidan has been wanting to make for about a week - minus the hot pepper and basil.

Emily also got to visit Petco and see a kitten out of the cage. We have been walking over to visit the kittens while Aidan has his guitar lesson on Thursdays. They are in cages with a dark screen so it is very difficult to see the kittens. I had told her someone is there on Saturdays and we might have time to hold and see one of them. She played with Kachina in a play area for a while. No, she did not come home with us. We still have 2.. Maxie cat is holding on but is not eating and very frail. She sleeps a lot but does not appear to be in pain.

One kid is with Grandma overnight so I expect a quiet evening of stitching. Linking up with the RSC Challenge. 


  1. I love my fitbit! this is the 3rd one I have, the first clipped to my waistline of pants as I do not wear a belt and I lost it about six months later I got one on the wrist, it bit the dust about 18 months later and now I am on my 3rd another for the wrist but I got a necklace to wear it on instead as the wrist bands irritate my skin - you almost get addicted them

  2. Hooray for a quiet night after such a busy week!! How BLUE are you? Go stitch that love Dresden Plate...

  3. Enjoy your quiet slow stitching time. Always nice for the kids to have some grand parent time.

  4. Beautiful dresden block, have a good time adding hand stitches on it!

  5. I think a quiet evening of hand work is a good way to relax after such a busy time! Lovely block!

  6. Your dresden is so pretty! With all of that activity you certainly do deserve so stitching time. I love that Emily walked with you - hopefully it will become a lifelong habit.