Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Voting Day in the USA!

Today is voting day - Please exercise your right and duty as a citizen and go out and vote today! I voted on Friday - as we had early voting at my library and we had lots of things on our ballot. Do your research - the ad's are all conflicting so do the research and find out the facts.  Vote for what you feel is the best option. Let your voice be heard.

And hopefully we can go back to the nice normal advertisements for food in the evenings! =)

Also -be careful driving out there. I witnessed another accident in front of my kids elementary school this morning. I stayed (well, came back after dropping kids off) and shared what I saw with the officer. The young lady - 7 months pregnant who was run into on her drivers side door kept thanking me for staying to share what I saw and checking to make sure she was ok. The other person who hit her didn't get out of her vehicle until a friend of hers stopped to see what happened. Very scary - the kids were in the back seat as I was waiting to turn into the school to drop them off. A few weeks ago a car was pushed onto it's side and the parent had to be excavated from the vehicle. All in a 20 MPH zone.....


  1. YES! Didn't put it on my blog but I was in a car accident in October... "distracted driver" guy ran right through a red light... totalled my car.
    Now I have a car loan and lots of resentment :)

  2. We voted early! Great gift to be able to go vote. Too many people do not become informed, do not vote because they just do not care. Those days are over for this country - everyone needs to vote!

  3. We voted this morning and I was so thrilled to hear that my Grandson voted at UCONN absentee...; he was so excited to register for his first election.
    I think it is such a great thing for all these young people to get out and vote--we are so lucky here to have this freedom...hugs, julierose

  4. accidents - too many - and all those kids hit at bus stops last week and then a 4 in WI girl scouts picking up trash - what is with the drivers lately! yes accidents happen but this seems to be too many involving kids.

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