Saturday, February 9, 2019

RSC Saturday in Yellow -

A crazy week (again!)

I did finish up the red and got a crumb block done to add to the pile.... these started out as 6.5 inch blocks years ago and since I had 4 of most.... I just sewed them together last year to make 12.5 inch blocks. I needed to add a red but I already have a couple of yellows.....

So I get to work on friendship stars in yellow this month. I don't have any of those made! I have 12 red, purple and about 6 of the blues. I am making these with 2.5 inch parts.

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Sunday - kids were at Grandma's and after a late start I did get to sew a bunch of green and cream log cabin blocks. The kids were returned early so Grandma could get home to watch the super bowl. The kids watched until 8:30 when I sent them to bed. I did get a little hand stitching in as well.

Monday - work then scouts. I had the 3 juniors tonight to work on a play with the past badge. They got to see pics of me and hear about life before the internet and cell phones! Make chocolate fondue and dipped in strawberries and pound cake for a snack after we made tie dyed shirts. They came out pretty good - although I have only seen 2 of the 3!

Tuesday - work then homework with kids (and an afternoon conference call) then horses with Emily. She asked about cookies and sold 16 boxes for delivery next Tuesday! We got home a wee bit late as the cookie sales distracted her and her helmet and gloves were left at the barn... which she noticed half way home so we turned back to get it then home again. The barn is 30 minutes from our house.... so a long night.

Wednesday - work then homework then mopped the kitchen floor (it was disgusting!) then dinner out with the birthday boy to Red Lobster. It was a late night for the kids and they were tuckered out when we got home around 8. Love the check in from the internet as we got seated when we walked in!

Thursday - no working! It is a bowling day for me and I unloaded lots of girl scout cookies and a case of mints is spoken for. I just have 9 mints and a case of Samoa's left with a couple do si do and a smore...... and I'm sure those will go next Thursday! That will put her past the half way mark in sales with her goal of 300 this year.  A little picking up then headed over to get a few more boxes of cookies I needed to fill orders and help out my cookie Mom a bit (her first time doing it) and turn in a bunch of $. Got home in time to grab the boy and bring them to Publix for the schools Math night. Each class has a different sheet of questions for them to answer. I got my steps in walking all around the store! Aidan took off with his friend Jackari and his parents supervised them while Emily and I worked on hers.
Friday - work, pick up kids and then it was time to tackle the bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms.... but it needed to get done. All sparkly clean for Saturday's birthday party with the grandparents.  Emily is off to a sleepover and I am off to Cooking Club .....A.K.A Deb's night out with the ladies!

Saturday - will be finishing picking up the house and then tackling some yard work since the temps are back down to comfy (70 today instead of 80's like the last couple of afternoons).


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have been very busy! I haven't even started on my yellow's this month

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Math night at the grocery store - what a neat idea! Have had my first GS cookies this season, too - love those Thin Mints. I like your idea to make the bigger crumb blocks out of smaller ones. I have many crumbs to use up this year, and need to get going on that!

Ellen said...

Deb....I can't see how you would have any time to sew!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hoping for some YELLOW sewing in the week to come (and some much needed rest after your busy week!!)

Katie Z. said...

I have a hard time remembering what the 80s are like when we have a cold spell. Yesterday was 9 in the morning and I think today the high was 34? 34 felt balmy! Good luck with milder temperatures.