Monday, November 7, 2022


 Another week has started but what progress was made over the weekend?

I did get a little time to play on Saturday and have 10 of the star blocks made. I'd like to add a black and a brown to the mix, so I can have a little more dark in the quilt to balance out all the bright colors. That is the goal this week - to get those last 2 blocks made.

While I was away yesterday and Hubby was shuttling Em, Rosie the chicken went missing. She was not around last night and didn't show up in the evening to put herself to bed. We think a hawk must have gotten her since she always came running when we went out the back door to greet us. Poppy is starting to look better as her feathers are coming in and one of the Barred Rocks is getting a red crown so hopefully one of them will start laying eggs again. I've had to buy eggs the last 2 weeks from the store!
Hubby is under the weather today with a bad sore throat and has been napping. I heard an awful crow ruckus outside so went out to investigate. They were going nuts and being loud in the back woods by us and our neighbor. I checked and the chickens -the last 4 - were hiding under the coop in their run, so I closed them in there for safety. I have a feeling the crows were warning of the hawk. I have seen them shoo it away before so hopefully if we keep the girls in for a few days the hawks will find another area to hang out.

We have our normal Monday of scouts and guitar lessons. Tuesday is normal pick up. Wednesday is late pick up for both - book club and volunteering. (Aidan volunteers to help out at the After School Program at the middle school - they help pick up the cafeteria after snack, grab attendance from the teachers rooms that have clubs or tutoring and then do any other tasks that are needed. After they hang out in the Robotics lab with their teacher through middle school who runs a robotics club and helps him out. ) Thursday is Emily early for horse evaluation practice and late for chapter animal meeting and Aidan will probably volunteer that day as well. Friday - I actually have the day off, so a 4 day weekend for me! Might I be able to sew? I had planned to prep the garden for winter planting but the temps have not gone down yet and it was too much with the sickness in the house. Let's hope the latest hurricane track doesn't give us 2 rainy days and maybe I can get it tilled and ready for planting this weekend? 
My goal is to get a little hand stitching in each day - either crochet, quilting or EPP. We will see if there is any progress!



Busy week by the sounds--sorry about Rosie!!
I can't believe that we might actually have a hurricane this late in the season--So as it was really nice out earlier I made sure I got a walk in--now it has clouded over is trying to rain!! And I heard that we will get colder right behind this storm--so keep those gardens seeds handy!!!
hugs, di

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun to see each new star you add! They're all beautiful. So sorry to hear about Rosie the chicken and also your hubby feeling yucky. Your kids are involved in such great stuff - I enjoy hearing about it!

Julierose said...

Those star blocks are coming together really beautifully--this will be such a pretty quilt...
Gosh, a November hurricane--hopefully it will turn out to be just rainy weather...Have fun getting some stitching done here and there...
I just make two more Web sections on the 2nd quilt center...I hope to finish this one this week; I would love to have these ready for gifting to my granddaughters this Christmas...hoping my back hold out.
My DH is still struggling with a cough and tightness in his chest--Doc put him on a 10-day antibiotic this time--hope it works...Hugs, Julierose

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

My hubby also has a very sore throat and generally feels awful. Hope he and your hubby are better soon.
So sorry about Rosie the chicken :(