Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrappy Birds.....

I decided it was the time to work on the scrappy birds in the air blocks. I was up cutting through some greens Thursday night... since when I checked on the kids at 9... one was still wide awake in her bed. Good excuse to stay up a bit longer and 'play' in the sewing room. I was able to sort fabrics and cut most of the green and creams for the small squares and triangles. I pulled my six fabrics for the large triangle... which is the amount I pulled for the red but only made 10 of the 12 blocks. I may go back and make two more for that month sometime. This is what I have so far of the greens.

Notice the boo boo. This one.... I need to take him apart and redo him.

All my reds and greens together.

Since I had all those greens out - I made a point to cut at least 3 more 2 inch squares for the squares box for next year and for making more of the Jacobs ladder blocks... still undecided. I currently have 30 blocks for a 5x6 setting and the blocks are 9 inch finished. I'm thinking that is a little small for a 'lap' quilt to be donated to a fundraiser. I might add 5 more blocks for a 5x7 setting. That would give me 45x 63 and maybe a 5 inch plain green border around the outside? 55x73 should be a good snuggle size and I should be able to get it quilted and sent to VT for June. So... I need 5 more blocks. I'll try and get things cut out so I can work on those next week. Worst case..... she doesn't know I am planning on donating this to her so we'll see how the next month or two goes. Mom and Dad are coming down... so I might try and steal a little time and have them watch the kids play outside while I pin a few quilts for quilting.

I also have 25 (or 30?) 9 patch blocks that are all scrappy from last summer when I was making some blocks from VQF. I went searching and found this pic of 16 of them.

I have some green and a medium tan print that I am planning to make some hourglass blocks for the alternate blocks. I need to draw this one out and figure out how many I'll need but since it is green this month, I am going to try and get those hour glass blocks created this month.
Go on over and see what others are doing this scrappy Green month at SoScrappy's blog.


  1. Green BITAs look great! Can't wait for next month's installment!

  2. Your bird blocks look great. It will be good to see more colours of birds and the rainbow quilt you will get from it.

  3. Great blocks! They are going to look awesome all together.

  4. Your green Birds in the Air look wonderful! and so do your red ones. These are going to make a wonderful quilt. Looking forward to seeing more birds added. Elly

  5. I am still lovin' that block. I may have to make a quilt with it!

  6. Lots of cool blocks. Will make awesome rainbow quilts!