Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street part 3.....

I was able to get part three all cut out and sewn yesterday! I think I can get back on track over the next week and get all caught up for next Friday. Yes, there are 63 on the floor. #64 is under the presser foot on the machine.

I finally got to cut into some blue fabrics. I decided to go from light to dark with some brights in between. I see I get to use more in the next step and have some 2 inch strips left over from a project a few years ago that will be perfect for the wings. Good thing I cut way too many 2 inch maroon strips! I can use them in step 4.

Me and Emily - excuse the mess! Taken by my 4 year old.


  1. You are making great progress! I had to be a bystander on this mystery but I'm enjoying seeing what everyone is doing! Love the picture of you both in shorts - we have over 10" of new snow and we are not done. ~Jeanne

  2. Your son took a great picture - he just may be a future photographer!

    I really like colours!

  3. Looking good! Hope I can catch up after Christmas :)

  4. Glad your catching up! Looks like you're having fund with your children. That's always nice! Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out. Merry Christmas!

  5. Mess? No mess there! Great looking units. Merry Christmas.

  6. You are getting step at a time!


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