Friday, December 14, 2012

RSC - finishing up some black birds....

I still had 12 black birds in the air blocks that needed to get completed for the year. I was able to get those done this week after I shipped off the 4 quilts to my sister on Thursday. I completely forgot to get a shot of the last pinwheel quilt after the scrappy binding was put on. Oops.

Here are my 12 black birds......

And the whole lot of them from the year.
Looks like I need 6 more to get a 10x12 setting. I believe these will finish at 6 inches so 60x82... Hmm. Maybe I'll just need to make a bunch more and do a 12x12 setting for a double bed size with a nice border or two around? I had some good suggestions on setting them but I am still not sure how these will end up. Originally I was thinking a border around with some type of applique...... I think I am going to just let it set for a bit until it speaks to me.

For me... I have a bunch of catching up to do on the Easy Street Mystery (I'm still on part 2!) and I need to make a quick baby quilt for Aidan's teacher. She won't be getting it until January when he goes back to school but I should probably start it now so it is all done and washed for January 2nd.

For me, it's time to go pick up the boy. Try and feed them lunch and settled for a short nap before we head back to school for the Christmas party with Santa arriving around 3PM.

Head on over to SoScrappy's on Saturday morning to see what other RSC finishes are happening around blog land.


  1. Love the blackbirds! This quilt is going to be wonderful! ~Jeanne

  2. That is going to be such a lovely quilt - I can't wait to see it when it's all pieced together. A birds in the air quilt is on my bucket list.

  3. What a fun collection. It would look great in a double sized quilt. Best of all, think of all the scraps it would use up!

  4. A fabulous collection from this year's efforts! Love the black birds. I thought of "4 and 20 black birds baked in a pie" and I have no idea what that line is from!!??

  5. I love these blocks! I think I would they would make a beautiful large quilt, too.