Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another task on the list....

On my list of July goals is to get another of the appliqué blocks for the Century Quilt completed. I did some of the prep work the other day and now just need to settle in and get some stitching done on it. I am so happy I finally tackled the other block so I am not afraid of those round bias green parts anymore. I learned how to prep 'prefect' circles reading their schoolhouse instructions and have the four yellow circles prepped and already did the centers for the flower and have those appliquéd down. Now it is just sewing the green stems, glue the leaves and other parts and appliqué those down. I believe I will have no problems getting this one done by the end of the month. Two more to go after this one and then that quilt can be assembled. I plan for this to go to my niece. Her brother got one last summer so I need to get moving on this one.


  1. Have I asked you what method you use for appliqué? I so want to learn but am intimidated by all the choices. I turned needle turn once but couldn't manage to keep the piece shaped properly ... I think I needed another hand. Ha!

  2. Looks like you got under control. I love applique because there are so many different methods to get the results that you want. Also it is so much more fun to quilt an appliqued quilt than one that is pieced!

  3. You are moving right along...looking forward to seeing this quilt top assembled!


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