Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday.....

It has been another busy day today but I got to sleep in until 8AM! It was soooooo nice!
After a few sips of coffee it was time to take Buddy for a walk. He got a good one in with the kids riding their bikes. (45-50 minutes) Greg made us omelets for breakfast and then Em and I made a pillowcase for her friend Mackenzie's birthday party this afternoon. Grandpa came over for a little visit mid morning and then it was time to head and get Aidan a bike and both kids some new crayons, construction paper and glue sticks. Back home for a quick lunch and shower and then off to a birthday party for a couple of hours. Em is now using her brothers old bike to learn to ride without training wheels. She has good balance so should get it pretty quick. Dad didn't have to run too much with her and she was riding a bit before falling off in the back yard. A little weeding of some overgrown beds, a quick dinner, running around with some sparklers in the back yard and now bath time for the kids.
We'll do some reading (maybe a quick walk for Buddy and me) and tuck them into bed in  a bit and then I get to sit back and relax with some slow stitching.
I have three options tonight... I wonder which one will win?

First up - binding on the log cabin quilt. I have two more sides to go.

Second option is some more of these hexagon flowers... I have a whole pile prepped for some hand stitching. I got these six plus two reds done last night.

Third option - some appliqué. I prepped the June block for the Century Quilt earlier this week. I just need to stitch down two more of the stems, glue the leaves and circles down and stitch them and then that middle flower.

I think I'll have to toss a couple of coins to decide what I'll work on. Head on over to Kathy's Quilts to see some wonderful stitching projects being worked on today.


  1. I vote for the binding because it is fun and because a finish feels so great! But any of these projects would be so enjoyable to stitch tonight!

  2. You are so close to a finish on your blue log cabin! It is absolutely gotgeous.

  3. Sounds like a very busy day! Enjoy your stitching time. You need a rest!

  4. Your hexagons are so pretty! I am signed up for a workshop on making them in August and I'm really looking forward to it.

  5. I'm anxious to see what you worked on! LOL!

  6. I remember when I had those kind of days when my boys were younger ... wait, I still have those kind of days LOL! Those hexies flowers are so nice. Love the blue log cabin too. It is striking with that aqua popping here and there. Lovely!

  7. Wow such a busy day! I vote for binding since you are so close to a finish.

  8. Love the log cabin colors and design and the hexies are darling.

  9. Your log cabin quilt took my breathe away it is so beautiful. Good luck with your projects. Happy Sewing :0)